Micksart   Collective offers space for an artistic trajectory for personal, work-related development and daytime activities.


At Micksart Daytime Activities we find every person talented and powerful.

Many people are not aware of their qualities.

By helping to search for their own possibilities and teaching participants how to use this, we want to give the experience that everyone matters.

Performing creative activities yourself, with support or a push where necessary, independence and self-reliance can be increased with a more positive self-image as a result.



Creating and participating in the gallery is an important contribution to the personal development and learning of skills of the participants.

Micksart   offers an inspiring and artistic environment with creative, challenging daytime activities   and work development places. 

Participants regain more self-confidence, become proud of themselves again, so that they can develop themselves further or continue to function at the current level.

Target audience

Micksart Daytime Activities is suitable for anyone who receives (or has received) care and / or guidance, for example through a healthcare institution.  Micksart Daytime Activities is for people who would like support in completing the day and / or maintaining contacts and working on goals.  Everyone has an artistic   talent, developed or not. As far as we are concerned, everyone is welcome who would like to work on their goals with the use of creative work-related activities.

What activities we offer

Every process is tailor-made.

Participants can participate in all aspects of art in the gallery in a casual atmosphere, such as:

– the manufacture of creative objects 

– making your own work

– photographing art products

– facility work

– administrative work

– maintaining the website

– writing newsletters

– preparing events

– go to art markets.

Being proud of what you make and do also means being proud of yourself.

What guidance do we offer

Wishes, interests, goals and the need for guidance are discussed with each participant. Together with the participant, a development plan is made in which achievable goals are described. We also agree on which activities will be used for this. It is important that we have agreement with the participant about the development plan and the guidance needs. The guidance mainly takes place in a group and is at the same time tailored to the individual participant.

The activities are supervised by a healthcare professional who has knowledge and experience in making art-related products and is also an art lover.

Regular evaluations take place to discuss achieved goals and to coordinate follow-up plans.

What does the day look like

There are activities from 08:30 to 16:00. A participant can be scheduled for a day or part of the day.  We provide coffee and tea and at noon we set the table together to have lunch together. Activities are done in consultation with the activity supervisor. It may be that you work individually on an assignment, work on your own project or that you work together. There is a basic structure in the day while at the same time there is room for creative missions. When participating in events and art markets, there are different times.

Micksart as a special day care / work development place

  • Environment

In the middle of 1000 m² of Art, the participant works on his own goals and development.

  • Activities

There is a wide variety of activities related to art and all activities in the gallery in the broadest sense of the word.

  • Target audience

Anyone who wants to work on their development or preservation goals with the use of creative work activities is welcome to participate in the activities.

This regardless of age, level or reason why there is distance to the labor market.


Prospective participants may be referred by their assisting or indicating body, school or other relevant body. Self-registration is also possible.

Micksart Collective knows the power of art and creativity!


Mailaddress: dagbesteding@micksartcollectief.nl

Telephone: +316-28995210